Post-Oscars Chat with Andraéa LaVant

Post-Oscars Chat with Andraéa LaVant

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Bonus Episode of The Heumann Perspective: A Post Oscars Chat with Andraéa LaVant!
We talk about all things fashion, celebrities and what you might not expect to be the highlight of Andraéa’s week in LA!
Andraéa LaVant is a Disability Justice leader, Impact Producer for
Crip Camp, President of LaVant Consulting, and dedicated dog mom to Goji- the first service dog to grace the red carpet at the Oscars.

Read Andraéa's Article for Essence:

Be sure to follow Andraéa on twitter and Instagram @andraealavant and LaVant Consulting on Instagram @lavantconsulting

Visit their website:

Transcript for Episode: PDF

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