Going Beyond Accommodations with Kathy Martinez

Going Beyond Accommodations with Kathy Martinez

A headshot of Kathy Martinez, who is Latina and has shoulder length brown hair. She is wearing a red blazer with a pink patterned short underneath.

Kathy Martinez

Kathy Martinez is an internationally recognized and Disability Rights leader and offers a compelling perspective on many disability issues as someone who was born blind. She joined Disability Rights Advocates as President/CEO in March 2021 after having spent six years as SVP, Head of Disability and Accessibility Strategy for Wells Fargo. Previously, she served as Assistant Secretary of The Office of Disability Employment Policy at the U.S. Department of Labor. 

Judy and Kathy talk about Kathy’s adventure filled childhood, her introduction to disability activism in the 70s, her career in activism that stemmed from that and the importance of weaving accessibility into everything you do instead of it being an afterthought.

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