Long COVID with Chimére Smith & Terri Wilder

Long COVID with Chimére Smith & Terri Wilder

CONTENT WARNING: Brief mention of suicidal ideation and suicide.

The conversation featured in this episode was recorded a few weeks before Judy Heumann passed away on March 4th, 2023. This is the second of 5 final episodes of The Heumann Perspective that will be published over the next few weeks. All episodes of The Heumann Perspective will remain available indefinitely at

The transcript for this podcast episode is available here.

This episode is also available in video format on YouTube.

A headshot of Chimére Smith, a black woman with short brown hair wearing red lipstick and silver earrings

Chimére L. Smith is an author, speaker, panelist, and thought leader who unapologetically shares her unique Long COVID journey including balancing the effects of the destabilizing condition on her emotionally, physically, and financially as a Black woman and patient. She has been featured on many media platforms including CNN, MSNBC, and in The New York Times. She has also written for Huffington Post, Medium, and She Knows. She is currently on a virtual book tour, celebrating the release of Fiona Löwenstein’s The Long Covid Survival Guide of which she is a contributing author and can be found at And she also works with #MEAction to encourage diversity in volunteerism.

Black and white eadshot of Terri Wilder, a white woman with long black hair

Terri Wilder is a writer, activist, and community organizer. She was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) in March 2016. Since her diagnosis she has worked with elected officials, public health departments, health care providers, and activists to raise awareness about ME/CFS in New York, Minnesota, and across the globe. She was finishing her PhD in Sociology at Georgia State University when she became ill; however believes she has had the disease since 1996. She is currently a consultant with #MEAction, the chapter leader of #MEAction Minnesota, and represented the organization on the federal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee (CFSAC). She uses the skills she learned from the AIDS movement and the LGBTQ community to fight for the ME community. Terri is a 1992 graduate of the University of Georgia (UGA) School of Social Work where she earned her Master of Social Work. She graduated from UGA with a Bachelor of Social Work in 1989.

Stay tuned for the next of the 5 final episodes of The Heumann Perspective dropping next Wednesday.

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1 comment on “Long COVID with Chimére Smith & Terri Wilder

  1. I have Long Covid & ME CFS from Mono EBV. I am trying to advocate to clean the air & need help. The technology called Far UV exists which cleans the air safely and kills Covid, Flu, RSV and other viruses & bacteria as well as mold & mildew. Far UVC light 222nm is safe for human eyes & skin unlike UV which is not. Covid is Airborne & moves in the air like smoke. Since wearing a mask has become political and mask mandates were dropped even from healthcare settings which makes it inaccessible to high risk people. Anyone is vulnerable to covid even a “mild” infection can cause Long Covid.
    I got Long Covid while wearing my N95 getting glasses at the local Target Optical. I was the lone masker. I found out after the person fitting my frames had Covid. One of the staff bullied me for wearing my N95 as well. I also learned they don’t sanitize the glasses that are the frames customers try on their faces.
    I am trying to advocate for clean air. At first I tried to advocate to bring back masks & keep masks in healthcare but realized I am losing this battle. When I realized the elites in Davos hence #davossafe have Far UVC, The White House & Pentagon & other high profile places have Far UV Technologies. When Ashish Jha minimizes Covid, he makes speeches in front of Far UV lights.
    There is nowhere for us to even get safe medical care. We need Far UV in every public space. How can we come together.?

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