Indigenous Sign Languages with Dr. Melanie McKay-Cody

Indigenous Sign Languages with Dr. Melanie McKay-Cody

This interview is also available in video format with ASL interpretation on YouTube here.

The transcript for this episode is available here.

This episode was created by Quinn Hodgson as a part of Goucher College's Micro-Internship Program.

Melanie is a Cherokee woman with long brown and grey hair. She is wearing a red shirt with a beaded necklace and blue jeans. She is kneeling on the ground which is covered with leaves.

Dr. Melanie McKay-Cody is a Cherokee Deaf Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona in the Department of Disability & Psychoeducational Studies. She earned her doctoral degree in linguistic and socio-cultural anthropology at the University of Oklahoma. She has studied critically-endangered Indigenous Sign Languages in North America since 1994 and helps different tribes preserve their tribal signs. She also specialized in Indigenous Deaf studies and interpreter training incorporating Native culture, North American Indian Sign Language and ASL. She is also an educator and advocate for Indigenous interpreters and students in educational settings. Besides, North American Indian Sign Language research, she had taught ASL classes in several universities, schools and community for over 42 years. She is one of eight founders of Turtle Island Hand Talk, a new group focused on Indigenous Deaf/Hard of Hearing/DeafBlind and Hearing people.

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